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The 5 step process
  • 1Tell us what you need (fill out the form)


    5 years software experience

    3 years language experience

    3 large Sprintkick applications built

  • 2We’ll pick the best we’ve got

  • 3Give us some tasks and
    we’ll run a trial week

  • 4Let’s talk about what went well
    and where we can improve

  • 5Happy? Give us a 2 week commitment and we’re good to go

We build applications for

Who am I getting?

Every developer has been:
  • Pre-vetted by our local office
  • 3+ years____________experience
  • Trained in multiple agile methodologies
  • Ready to start immediately
  • 5+ years application experience
  • Available a minimum of 40 hours a week

We work with </>

What's it cost?

Bulk discounts available

Who is this best for?

  • Startups

    • You have a product or are in the process of building one
    • You either have a CTO or someone dedicated to project management
    • Start throwing us tasks and we’ll start contributing asap
  • Mid Size Companies

    • You’ve build your product
    • You need to keep iterating OR you’re crunched on a deadline
    • We patch through to your CTO and get the ball rolling quickly
  • Enterprise

    • You’ve got multiple customer facing products and internal applications
    • You’re having trouble staffing or need to accelerate your product development
    • Use our expertise to scale your team quickly

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I try your system out for the trial week and I don't want to continue?


If that happens, we'll refund you the cost of the trial week. Thats what we mean by "risk-fre


I'm still not sure if my company could benefit from your resources:


Generally the best fits are with companies that have a clear idea of what they are building, what they have built, and can delegate well. Startups that are in the pre-seed formative stages may not be great fits unless you already have a lead developer and a clear product strategy. In some situations and with some products there will be clear advantages to an in house team. In those rare instances, we can help as a stopgap so that your iteration schedule doesn't have to halt as you grow. Outside of that circumstance, if you need to grow your development capabilities, have product deadlines, or just want to skip the hassle of hiring, vetting, and paying out the nose for developers, we can easily benefit you.


Why wouldn't I just hire out developers myself?


Many reasons. If you aren't aware hiring development talent is really hard. If you can do it, its going to still take a lot of time. If you can get past that, then its then really expensive. Why not add one of us to your team, start immediately, and save 60% of the cost?


Where do you get your developers and where are they located?


3 years we built a Sprintkick satellite office in Hyderabad, India because we needed to scale as our client base grew. We've personally vetted, hired, and trained every single one of our team members. If they're coming to you then they have deep expertise in their respective field and have worked with us on multiple world class applications.


We work from 9 am to 5 pm. Can our new team members work at the same time?


We guarantee that we can match at least 5 hours of your working hours. Depending on your time zone we may be able to add more.


How often are we billed?


During the first month after the trial week, we'll bill by the week and allow you net-7 for fulfilling payments. As we continue working together we will stretch this out eventually to a maximum of 1 month billing cycles with net 30 payment.


We use a different/obscure framework. Can you still help us?


Absolutely. We have experience in a wide variety of frameworks but we're always willing to work with more. Just be aware this could make the learning curve last longer than the trial week.


We use a different agile methodology. Will this still work?


We're fully certified SCRUM Masters but we've gotten our feet wet with several years of experience in Extreme Programming and Waterfall. If you're using a methodology similar to any of those, we'll figure it out.


We don't follow agile development principles. Will this still work?


Of course. We're going to connect our resources directly to your development lead/project manager. We'll follow your lead.


Can you assign resources immediately or is there a lead time?


This often depends on what you are asking for. If you're asking for expertise in something that is less well known, then there can be some lead time. But in general we can aim to start as soon as the initial formalities are over.

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$25 / hour

Bulk discounts apply

  • Top notch developers
  • Mandatory NDAs
  • Risk free trial then 2 week commitment
  • Flexible contracts, flexible hours
  • Full time, part time or even overtime
  • Time logged hours
  • 5 hour work hours overlap guaranteed
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